Professional IT Services

Choosing a provider for your IT is a critical decision. It's not good enough just to have a 'fix'. Choosing the best person to support your technology needs means finding solid experience, proven results, effective communication, and dedication your success. It is the mission of BW IT Pro exceed these expectations.


Home Technical Support

Home users have unique needs of their own. Sometimes an individual needs assistance learning to use a new computer program, installing a new device, or just fixing things that break. BW IT has spent many years working one-on-one with people to provide down to earth, patient, honest, and experienced technical support and training for these users.


Business and Enterprise IT

A business's needs are often more critical in nature. How technology is implemented can affect everything from day to day operations, to the security of confidential information, and to recoveries in case of disaster. Easily hundreds of people can be affected for the better or the worse by a few key decisions. BW IT has spent many years focusing on use all sorts of technology and professional practice to protect and facilitate two of Business's most valued assets- its Data, and it's Productivity.